The Monthly: We need to think about post-lockdown rights

This morning I read an extremely thoughtful essay by Margaret Simons in The Monthly The article was nuanced and thought-provoking, as is most of the content published by Schwarz Media. Simons writes “Lacking serious debate on the next stage of the pandemic, Australia is ill-prepared”

Confused about your COVID-19 vaccination options and the risks? We recommend you read this article appearing in The Conversation 29 June 2021 – click on the read more link below.

In a nutshell, if you are under 40 years old and want to get a COVID-19 vaccine the options are:

1. wait until Pfizer becomes available for your specific situation (you can use the vaccine eligibility checker to see when you’re eligible)

2. think about getting an AstraZeneca vaccine.

The best advice is to discuss with your GP your own unique story, and the risks and benefits as they relate to you.

Also listen to QUEENSTREETMEDCAST  – Dr Neil Starmer unpicks the developing COVID-19 outbreak and vaccination confusion.

To be fully informed, read the full story by The Conversation  – click on the Read more link below.

COVID Vaccination Update

Despite the many announcements and assurances from the government, the process for Australians to be vaccinated against COVID-19 remains confusing and has left everyone short on the details.

Queen Street Medical Centre is well prepared and ready to vaccinate but to date we have only been promised 50 doses of the COVID vaccine.

These will not be delivered until after Easter. We have planned our rollout of the COVID vaccine along the same lines as our flu vaccination clinics.

When supplies of the vaccine arrive, we will administer it according to the government queue. Dr Neil Starmer, Practice Partner

Concerned about the Tracking App? – I am too but I have installed it – Dr Neil Starmer

COVIDSafe tracking app reviewed: the government delivers on data security, but other issues remain Mahmoud Elkhodr, CQUniversity Australia About 1.13 million people had downloaded the federal government’s COVIDSafe app by 6am today, just 12 hours after its release last night, said Health Minister Greg Hunt. The government is hoping at least 40% of the population will make use of the …

More influenza information from the experts

What’s new about the 2018 flu vaccines and who should get one? The flu shot is free for at risk groups and available to others for around $10 – $15. For most of us, influenza (the flu) is a mild illness, causing fever, chills, a cough, sore throat and body aches, that lasts several days. But some people – especially the elderly, young children and those with chronic diseases – are at risk of serious and potentially deadly complications.

While not perfect, the seasonal influenza vaccine is the best way to protect against influenza viruses. It’s free for at-risk groups, and available to others for around A$10A$25 (plus a consultation fee if your GP doesn’t bulk bill). In some states people can also get influenza vaccines from pharmacies.

Do I really have to drink eight glasses of water a day?

We asked five experts: do I have to drink eight glasses of water per day? Eight seems like a lot… from Alexandra Hansen, The Conversation Everyone knows humans need water and we can’t survive without it. We’ve all heard we should be aiming for eight glasses, or two litres of water per day. This target seems pretty steep when …

Four good nutrition sites found this afternoon

Nutrition is hard work. It is hard to understand. The advice changes constantly and most people, websites and organisations are pushing a barrow or agenda. For doctors, nutrition is the key to a ranges of illnesses and we recognise the solution to much of what we see in the consulting room lies in healthy eating. For food manufacturers, sugar and …