Eggplant – ’tis the season

Of all the late harvesting vegetables nothing quite compares to eggplant.  With glossy purple skin and rapid growth, they are a rewarding crop to grow.

With a mild flavour, eggplant combines well with autumn crops of capsicums and tomato.

The past few weeks have had me searching for ways to cook my eggplants and I must admit that I had forgotten how wonderful this vegetable is.

Whole eggplants can be –

  1. barbecued until the flesh is soft and made into a dip such as Baba Ghanoush
  2. sliced thinly, brushed with olive oil and cooked in a non-stick pan or sandwich press
  3. cooked and slices can form the basis of moussaka or vegetarian parmigiana, or topped with tomato & bocconcini and baked for 10 minutes
  4. incorporated into casseroles & curries
  5. made into chutneys and pickles to be enjoyed later in the year


Eggplants are a welcome autumn vegetable, low in kilojoules and high in phytochemicals. Their purple colour comes from anthocyanin, an antioxidant that protects us from cancer, stroke and heart disease.

For ideas and eggplant recipes visit –

Like me – I hope you rediscover how tasty and versatile eggplants can be!

Carole Richards – dietitian