Feet in focus – avoiding long-term problems

Have you stopped to check your feet recently?

We often take our hard-working feet for granted! Our feet provide balance and posture while they support our full body weight – often for long periods without a rest.

Our registered nurse, Vivienne White asks “Have you considered how important your feet are to your well being and general health? Early detection and treatment can greatly reduce the chance of long term foot health issues.”

Can you see your feet?

Can you  reach your feet?

Can you care for your toenails?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions, or if you would like to have a thorough foot health check, you may like to book your consultation in our new Foot Focus Clinic.

Our Foot Focus Clinic starts at Queen Street Medical Centre Mourya on 8th December. This special foot clinic is a new field of care within our Better Health programmes and will be conducted by our registered nurse, Vivienne White who has special qualifications in this field.

Your first Foot Focus Clinic consultation will include a full assessment of your foot health, toenail care, your footwear and your history. Ongoing care will also be recommended and planned to suit your individual needs. The Foot Focus Clinic fee is $50 for the first consult – follow up appointments are $30/half hour or $20/15 minutes. The fee is payable on the day of your appointment. Unfortunately, Foot Focus consultations and treatments are not covered by Medicare. 

How to book: Please phone us to book your first Foot Focus appointment at Queen Street Medical Centre Moruya.