Four good nutrition sites found this afternoon

Nutrition is hard work. It is hard to understand. The advice changes constantly and most people, websites and organisations are pushing a barrow or agenda.

For doctors, nutrition is the key to a ranges of illnesses and we recognise the solution to much of what we see in the consulting room lies in healthy eating. For food manufacturers, sugar and fat are the solutions to their balance sheet as sweet and fatty foods are seductive and addictive. The odds are stacked against the unwell as supermarket shelves are organised to catch the eye and whole aisles are devoted to foods that one should only eat occasionally. We are all at cross purposes. Who do you listen to?

Humans are creatures of habit and it is easy to cook meals that are popular at home and automatic to prepare. When the family turns up it’s nose at the healthy meal that you have prepared good intentions are squashed. Nevertheless, behaviours begin at home and it is probably a crucial part of being a parent to instill good eating habits in your kids. Knowledge is king so take a bit of time and have a browse through the sites I have found and see what you think.

If you want all this discussed in a consultation have a chat to your GP about seeing a dietitian.

I have been watching this site for a year now as emails turn up daily in my inbox. Complicated advice made simpler, backed up by references and quite digestible.

This fellow does not really like animal protein and I have a slight problem with curing cancer with diet ( preventing cancer with a good diet is OK ). However, on the whole the advice was very sound and interesting.

A busy site with simple and good advice. There are corporate partners so the dairy section has been written by Dairy Australia.

The Government site. Pretty flash. Great advice.