Getting vaccinated is our only way out says Dr Neil Starmer

COVID-19 Delta has now arrived in the Eurobodalla. This variant is more infectious and as a community we are tiring of restrictions. says practice partner GP, Dr Neil Starmer.

The only way out of this mess is to vaccinate and I am sure you can see this unfolding on the news and in the government messaging. The risk of getting a COVID-19 infection is increasing and therefore the risk benefit equation is tipped in favour of the individual getting vaccinated.”

Dr Starmer stresses “The risk to you from the vaccine is less than the risk to you from COVID-19. “

We have plenty of the excellent Astra Zeneca vaccine in stock and we are well into our second round of Astra Zeneca vaccines to complete that course. We have appointments available online for anyone who wants an Astra Zeneca vaccine. Apart from a tiny minority of people with very special clotting problems, this vaccine is suitable for everyone over the age of 18 however, for those under 60 we will still want to take you through the consent process.”

If you’re under 60, to consult your doctor about having the Astra Zeneka vaccine, please book either a Telehealth (by phone) or face to face appointment.

Use this government eligibility checker and then book your COVID Vax online from our Home page.

Video Source: Australian Government, Department of Health