Know your bones

We know that :
• 66% of Australians over 50 have poor bone health (osteoporosis or osteopenia)
• fractures caused by osteoporosis significantly impact life long-health
• men account for up to 30% of all fractures related to osteoporosis and osteopenia

Know Your Bones

In June, Osteoporosis Australia in partnership with The Garvan Institute of Medical Research launched Know Your Bones, an online self-assessment tool for bone health.

Your diet can help improve your bone health

Treatments including healthy diet, exercise, medications and supplements are available to assist you to improve your bone health. Nutrition is important for our bone health throughout all stages of life. Achieving adequate calcium, protein and Vitamin D is vital for our bones especially after the age of 50 years. Our dietitian, Carole Richards can work with you to fine tune your diet, maximise your calcium intake, adjust your protein intake and provide guidance on calcium supplementation.