Parenting during Covid-19 – how to help your children and yourself

COVID-19 has changed the way of life for many parents and their children. It’s important that parents, carers and their children feel supported through this ever changing and stressful event.

Our RN Kate Tiller has special training in paediatrics and as mother of two young children she well understands it’s a testing time for all, with many parents and carers looking for information to help themselves and their children cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Kate advises that although the pandemic may feel overwhelming, there are some small things we can do that may help. These include – keeping calm and positive and when communicating with children – be open and honest and speak to them in an age appropriate way. Limit information from the media about coronavirus, maintain your children’s routines where possible – focusing on things that can be controlled, and educating children as well as ourselves about coronavirus and what can be done to help prevent infection – such as washing hands and social distancing.

It is also important that parents and carers look after themselves too, so if you feel you’re not coping and need support or help please reach out to friends, family or a health professional such as your GP.

Kate has found these helpful resources and links below:

Information for parents and carers:

Australian Institute of Family Studies : Coronavirus resources for families.

The Royal Children’s Hospital _ Supporting your child to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

Raising Children : COVID-19 Family guide

Hand washing and social distancing for children:

A Children’s story about social distancing

The Wiggles – Social Distancing. A song for children about social distancing.

5 fun ways to teach kids to wash their hands – Cahoots.

Hand Hygiene for kids – Better Health Vic

Support :

The NSW government COVID-19 mental wellbeing services:

Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service – phone and online chat:

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia – support for parents who are expecting or have a new baby: